Vegan Lubricants

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Lubricants are a very common sexual accessory but are usually only used to improve vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse. 

Using the right lubricant and doing it right can completely change our sex lives by reducing friction, increasing sensitivity, and experiencing new emotions. In fact, there are many people who claim that sex with a lubricant is much more pleasant than without it.

There are several types of over-the-counter lubricants, in erotic stores, pharmacies or par pharmacies, which we can classify into four groups:

  • Water-based. They are the most used and economical. They do not stain and are kissable without risk. They are good if only the condom is used, since it does not break.

  • Oil based. They include vegetable and nut oils, usually sold in supermarkets. They can be ingested without risk, but some can stain the sheets and are not recommended. They should not be used with a condom under any circumstances because they can break them.

  • Based on silicones. They are silky to the touch and last longer. They do not stain and can be used with latex condoms. Yes; they are not good to consume or to use with silicone condoms, as they will break.

  • Petroleum based. They are petroleum jelly or baby oil, and obviously they are not good to use in intimate areas, especially in the vagina, since there is a risk of infection. In addition, these lubricants dissolve latex, so they are not suitable for condoms.

Why choose Coquette lubricants?

The use of Coquette lubricants is fully recommended in sexual intercourse and perfect for use with sextoys. They  are 100% water-based and also contain Aloe Vera to increase vaginal and anal hydration. They are lubricants 100% free of sugars, gluten and parabens and their packaging has the "Airless" system.

Another of the main reasons to buy a Coquette lubricant is the formula of its flavors, and that they are made with totally natural components and suitable for vegans.

They are available in five flavors, Space Sativa (marijuana heat effect muffin), Candylicious (candy and donut shake), Coockiefrutti (cookie and tropical fruit shake), Chocobrownie (chocolate and sponge shake) and  Womansensitive (neutral, sweet).

In the Coquette range you can also find the new SENSE PULSE GEL products, with vibration effect. You just have to apply them to the skin, like any other conventional lubricant or erotic massage gel, but their effects are surprising. When this liquid of pleasure contacts the skin, you will feel its vibration waves running through your nakedness and awakening your skin to make it more sensitive to erotic pleasure.

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